The Open Gov Hub Albania network includes nearly 3 organizations and 21 people working from Tirana in Albania and over Balkans. Below is a full list and description of all our current member organizations, along with a brief FAQ.

+ Founding

The founder Edison Frangu has established the Center “OPEN GOV HUB ALBANIA”, based on Law no. 8788, dated 07 May 2001 “On non-profit organizations”, as follows:
Form of the Center: Non-profit Organization Center
Denomination of the Center: “OPEN GOV HUB ALBANIA”
Headquarters: Rruga “Arben Broci”, Ndertesa Nr. 30, H. 5, 1003, Tirana.
Center Duration: Undefined
Executive Director: Edison Frangu

+ Current Full Members

• LDA- Leadership Development Association Albania, Kosovo & Presevo
• Klubi I Siperrmaresve te Rinj
• Initiaitive Group Alpbach Albania

+ Current Hot Desk Members
+ Current Virtual Members
+ Past Members

+ What kind of organizations work at Open Gov Hub?

The Open Gov Hub Albania is home to a wide range of open government organizations using research, advocacy, media, and technology to address various aspects of "OpenGov" initatives.

+ Does that mean government?

We believe organizations and individuals outside of government should play an important role in encouraging open government reforms around the world, and we exist to help support their efforts. This includes local and international civil society groups and NGOs, multilateral institutions, multi-stakeholder initiatives (who work closely to support reforming governments like the Open Government Partnership), and more.

+ What do your members share in common?

Our members are united in their work within opengov and in their commitment to innovating in order to better address the social issues they focus on.

+ How can I become a member?

Check out our Become a Member page with the application form to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

+ Can I work for a Hub organization?
Yes, of course! Check out our Careers Page to see the list of current openings from all of our member organizations. The page is updated about once a month.



Opening up information and data about public activities, and helping keep governments honest.


Promoting responsibility and integrity in governance and combating corruption.



Promoting equality and participation for all citizens.


Anti-corruption, sustainable development, open data, and more, through policy research and advocacy, media and communications etc.

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